There is an old seagull with an obsolete appearance hidden in my desk. It is my best memory. Speaking of watches, I can’t help but say about my father. He is a watch lover. Although he bought only a few dollars in his life, they all mean different things to him. Now Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Ultra-Thin
My father is a person with ideas and daring to fight. When he was young, he didn’t see him several times a year, and he always felt that he was in a hurry. Later, I heard my mother tell me that when I was very young, if someone had a radio, sewing machine and a watch, they would be considered a good family. At that time, my father bought them for the family. My father later told me that the first watch he bought was an old-fashioned mechanical watch. It was not a famous brand, but it needed to be wound every day, which was very enviable at the time. Later, when I was in preschool, my father once came back and brought me an electronic watch. At that time, among my peers, I was one of the few children who could wear a watch. My friends were very envious, and so did I. I like it very much, and I want to take it with me when I sleep. However, after taking it for a while, it is not very accurate. It seems that it is a child’s toy watch after all. Unfortunately, I don’t know where I threw the watch. When I was in elementary school, my father added a new watch to myself. It was an old seagull that was popular at the time. His old machinery was honorably discharged. Because of the long wearing time, the glass on the surface had been polished. The time is not very accurate. When it was time for me to go to junior high school, my father wanted to encourage me to say that if I got good test scores, he would give me a new watch. So I worked very hard to get admitted to the middle school, which is pretty good at home, and my father handed it to me. Only Citizen, this watch has been with me for many years and has many memories. Later, there was a mobile phone, which completely replaced the role of the watch in life, and no new watch was bought. My father left us because of an accident six years ago. Later, my mother gave me his father’s old seagull. I regard it as a treasure. It is not only a watch, but also an inheritance of affection.
There are so many trivial fragments about love and memory, but it is not so easy to really pass on this spirit. Having said so much, I actually want to say that the inheritance of love does not need to be precious things, as long as there is the most true feelings, it is the best continuation of life. The same is true for brand stories. Those classic wrist crystallizations will become more precious with the passage of time. Today I will show you a few old brands with a century-old history. Replica Piaget Altiplano White Gold Ultra-Thin Skeleton Watch G0A37132
The first thing to talk about is Piaget. This old brand was founded in a small village in Switzerland in 1874. It started with movement production and is currently under the Swiss Richemont Group. “Always do better than required” is the motto of the founder, Earl of Georgia. Since the 1960s, Piaget has devoted himself to the research of complex movements while developing the design of top jewellery. Today, Piaget has many series of watches and has become a contemporary classic and legendary brand.

The Piaget Altiplano Skeleton series is synonymous with Piaget’s pursuit of excellence. This ultra-thin hollow watch of the Altiplano series is Piaget’s leap forward to the ultimate journey of professional instruction. It not only shows Piaget’s unique ultra-thin movement production skills, but also shows Piaget master engravers. Innovation breaks through the limits of artistic expression. This Piaget Skeleton Ultra-Thin watch is currently the thinnest self-winding skeleton watch. The thickness of the watch is 5.34 mm, while the thickness of its self-winding movement is only 2.40 mm. I can only use “extremely beautiful” to describe this watch, I think it is the dream of many men to own this watch. In addition to the shallow movement, the superb carving art is also amazing. The exquisite carving and hollowing on the slim movement is really amazing.