Roger Dubuis is certainly known for their over the top watches. The first of the Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table series was introduced almost a decade ago, in 2013. And RD has peppered the collection with a few additions along the way. Each, perhaps more outrageous and more ostentatious than the last. This latest addition to the “Knights of the Round Table” collection is no exception. And this is a collection which itself is perhaps more flamboyant than the other collections within the Roger Dubuis patois. Which is saying a lot, considering that the standard RD is already more outrageous than the standard dress watch. Coupled with the nearly SGD 480k price tag, the visual impact of the watch is certainly one which cuts a huge presence. Visceral. And as much as we hate watches which are bombastic, somehow, this latest Knights of the Round Table piece has a certain appeal to us. Perhaps we are attracted to the artistry and the attention to detail. And we are impressed with the craft excellence exhibited.
The artistry of the dial is certainly very impressive. The visual image is palpable and immediate. The black Murano glass, fashioned to look like the ground is rupturing, revealing the red hot magma within. The red murano glass rehaut on the dial periphery adds to the excitement. And around this, the 12 knights sit, each used as an hour index. Each frozen in individual poses, but ready to spring into action. Each knight is a highly detailed micro-sculpture in 18k pink gold. Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table tells us that it took 1.5 years to get the details right.
The movement used is the RD 821, a self winding movement which displays only hours and minutes. The movement is extraordinarily complicated for the simple two hand display function. It comprise of some 172 parts, with 33 rubies. The movement is finished to and receives the Geneva Seal. And has been pressed into service in various H/M Roger Dubuis timepieces. The use of a simple time only movement suggests to us that all the pomp and extravaganza is poured into the dial, and the imagery it is intended to create. Did we say impressive? Yea, we say it again. And imposing. This is not a watch for the average collector, or horology enthusiast. The wearer must have the gravitas to carry this imposing timepiece.
Roger Dubuis has just unveiled a new hyper-technical watch in the form of the Knights of the Round Table Monotourbillon/X.

Elevating an already complex design, Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table takes the Twelve Knights as they join the Monotourbillon complication. Representing the 8th edition of the Knights of the Round collection, this update features a Monotourbillon at the center where it acts as a “shield” against gravitational forces. Each knight is made from Pink Gold 750/1000 and micro sculpted by hand at just 6mm in height each.

Reading the time is also a completely new experience as two gold markers are fitted and integrated into the circular design of translucent-purple Murano glass blocks — this requires eight layers of décor around the dial. A setting system can also be found at the two o’clock position where once pressed, a flag is raised to indicate winding and setting modes. This entire movement is housed in a 45mm pink gold 750/1000 case.