These delicate blooming flowers are delicately distributed on the curved pattern like stems and tendrils. The center of each flower is inlaid with a gorgeous diamond in the form of a golden circle. Once again, Shows the watchmaker’s superb skills in the field of fine jewelry. The charming decoration of this dial naturally makes the time scale disappear. When you reveal the watch and ask people ‘what flowers are blooming now’, who cares what time?

Under this dynamic yet elegant and noble dial, is equipped with a 48-hour power reserve RD821 self-winding mechanical movement, which is engraved with the iconic Geneva seal, symbolizing the guarantee of ultimate quality. At this time, Roger Dubuis Velvet Blossom Velvet showed Roger Dubuis’s keen perception of women. Women who know that they love beautiful things will appreciate the exquisiteness and meticulousness of machinery. They face time just like their partner, instinctively possessive desire and mysterious feelings.

The shimmering satin-woven strap combines a superb timepiece with a woman’s slender wrist in a firm and comfortable way. It also houses the 154 diamonds (approximately 1.9 carats) set in the watch and delicate The decorative dial provides a soft and bright setting. This strap is paired with an adjustable folding buckle in white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

This floral timepiece with a cat’s temperament is like a poetic tribute to women. It will be released in a limited edition of 88 pieces. Alternative muses, mysterious cats, seductive flowers … Roger Dubuis can choose the feminine charm and characters she wants to experience, or even a comprehensive fusion and a wider whimsical journey.
Blossom Velvet Ornate Watch

In addition to those delicate pastel floral timepieces, Roger Dubuis has also launched three new Blossom Velvet watches, which are placed in beautiful white lacquered maple boxes. Form a fascinating set of ‘Flower Trilogy’. This group of orphan watches perfectly reflects Roger Dubuis’s attitude of excellence in detail, and is the best portrayal of the brand’s artistic spirit. The gorgeous red velvet lining that ‘flows out’ along the side of the watch box subtly echoes the red carpet ladder-themed installation of Roger Dubuis’s year of the masterpiece; and the lid is decorated with the same as the dial on the dial Exquisite floral pattern, elegant style in your eyes.

Each model is a unique piece: the flowers carved from the Great Fire Enamel are cleverly arranged on a black, lilac or blue ‘flower bed’ also made of Great Fire enamel and surrounded by a paving Mother-of-pearl’s cask shaped central plate. These exquisite decorative techniques push artistic aesthetics and handicrafts to a state of exquisiteness and extraordinaryness. Each of these three stunning watches is paved with 413 diamonds (approximately 3.48 carats) and is paired with a pure silk satin strap that matches the color of the dial. If you want to ask which one is the most beautiful, there is obviously no answer; just like the unique beauty of each Roger Dubuis, each of the Blossom Velvet watches also exudes its own uniqueness. Charming.
Numerous poems compare women with flowers. Roger Dubuis Velvet Blossom Velvet chose the Blossom Velvet watch to highlight the cat-like character of women and awaken women’s inner sixth instinct.
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