At just 35 years old, this young Chanel Première seems to feel entitled to every possible bold move, wild interpretation and free-spirited option. To celebrate the birthday of the model that brought watchmaking into Chanel’s vocabulary in 1987, Arnaud Chastaingt, Director of the brand’s Watchmaking Creation Studio, has reinvented its inimitable allure with three Hors-Série Première watches, each issued as a five-piece limited edition. Paired with an XXL bracelet featuring charms, or wrapped around the wrist on a long diamond-set yellow gold chain interlaced with black velvet, its famous little octagonal case featuring a beveled crystal shines with new brilliance. Offering a blend of elegance and rock chic, the Première appears unchained and continues to represent an incredible lesson in style.  Hors-Série Première Gourmette Chain

yellow gold 19.70mm x 15.20mm case, quartz movement, yellow gold curb-chain bracelet set with 1,016 diamonds (3.89 carats), dial set with 116 diamonds (0.37 carat), five-piece limited edition, price on reques As a WorldTempus reader, we are delighted to offer you the latest digital version of this GMT magazine that you can download here  Happy reading!

While the majority of watches we cover on aBlogtoWatch are for men, we like to discuss quality women’s watches from time to time – the Chanel Premiere being one of them. Being mostly guys, we tend to write about what we ourselves would wear. We, nevertheless, have a lot of demand for more women’s content, and I personally think it is important to discuss iconic and novel timepieces for women. Let’s not forget that women, not men, are buying most of today’s watches. So allow me, as a guy, to tell you what I like about the Premiere collection…

At Baselworld 2013 I found myself considering the newest version of the Chanel Premiere, the most attractive ladies watch we saw, when considered as a whole. That took into consideration design, utility, pedigree, story, and price. There are loads of lovely timepieces for women, but something about the Premiere felt good for this year. Having said that, it is important to mention that the Premiere is not a new watch. Chanel has designed a new bracelet for the timepiece this year, but the Premiere collection originally debuted in 1987. Its genesis involves a generous helping of luxury romance as only the French can imagine.