The House of Chanel. A title that evokes many things, all of them good. Quality, bespoke design, not to mention couture exclusivity. In terms of instant recognition, Chanel has it in spades. The brand surfs the waves of desire and commands the superlative. This giant has been top dog for over a hundred years since Gabrielle Chanel tailored for the well-bred French adventurists of the day, charging out for hunts in absolute style in 1909. In 1922 Chanel brought the fashion set of Paris to a wonderful new world of aromatic pleasure with the world-beating No: 5 perfume. There isn’t a fashion house in the world that hasn’t leaned on Chanel Première Rock Watch for influence and design.

And to this day, Chanel has never compromised and nothing proves this more than the latest wristwatch collection. This fashion powerhouse joined the timepiece design realm in the late 1980s and sparked a keen response from its existing fan base and those new to the brand. The Chanel Première Rock Watch collection has arrived and yes it is as tasteful and desirable as you would expect.

Première wristwatches are apparent by the octagonal case design which evokes the Place Vendôme and is considered a timeless piece. An exquisite design language like this stands astride fashion fads and quirks. This collection is available in 3 sizes and manual and high precision quartz movement setups.

In terms of statement pieces, these all display the must-have architectural design philosophy. The case, the face, the dials and strap, all set to complement each other and allow a soft but encompassing design language. Let’s look into what goes into this amazing timeless timepiece collection. The comfortable strap design that has gone into the collection also feels very agreeable on the body. In terms of time telling, the subtle facia design allows the watch to tell you the time easily, some luxury Chanel Première Rock Watch designs are everything but the telling of time. This is a design that deals with telling you the time at a glance while reminding you how special you are. The time and a proverbial pat on the back.

Following the choices you make in customising your own Chanel Première Rock Watch, wearing it will come easily and naturally. The watch should reach the level of truly being an extension of yourself. It’s an accessory that you can wear on multiple occasions without hesitation, and it can be combined with many styles of dress. Age, it seems, really is just a number. Especially in watchmaking circles. 35 years after Chanel first introduced its groundbreaking Première women’s watch, the Maison has brought it back – with a few tiny modern tweaks.
The original Première took the horological world by storm when it launched in the late 1980s. Amidst a world of luminous-faced metallic sports watches and all-new digital timepieces which resembled calculators, the Première’s deliberately feminine styling stood it apart.

Designed by Chanel’s then-Artistic Director, Jacques Helleu, the Chanel Première Rock Watch featured an elegant, octagonal case shape inspired by Paris’ Place Vendôme, home to both Chanel’s flagship and the Ritz hotel, where Coco Chanel lived for 34 years – as well as the bottle stopper of the Maison’s No.5 fragrance. Its leather and metallic interlaced chain strap was a nod to the house’s famous quilted handbags, creating an indelible link between the worlds of fashion and watchmaking.

“I fought to make a design that was strong, that was unique, that – more than just launching a single collection – would become an eternal reference,” said Helleu at the time.