The Rado Florence collection is inspired by the cityscape of domes and towers of its namesake city. The Tuscan influence is subtle in the design of these watch models, yet it adds to the romantic soft aesthetic of the pieces. The watches within this line are powered by a quartz movement and feature a modern edge to edge crystal without compromising the classic Renaissance look.

Rado design features high-tech materials that will stand the test of time Swiss watch brand Rado is famous for the use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most stylish and durable watches. The brand philosophy is “if we can imagine it, we can make it” still holding true today.

Rado has won numerous prestigious design awards and is regarded as the most progressive design player in watchmaking today. Specialising in high-tech ceramic watches, Rado is considered the Master of materials.

Rado watches feature a pioneering process to create plasma high-tech ceramic. Gases activated at 20,000°C transform the ceramic into a unique material with an otherworldly shine.

Rado watches use cutting-edge nanotechnology, the Rado dream became a reality with the unveiling of the Rado V10K watch. With its uniquely resistant high-tech diamond surface, the Rado V10K achieves a hardness of 10,000 Vickers.

Rado, In 1962, created the iconic Rado DiaStar 1, a scratch-resistant watch at a time when this was far from the norm. The secret behind this creation? Hardmetal. Still used by Rado, is a robust material – far more durable than steel and capable of withstanding the stresses of everyday life.

Rado timepieces only use fine white Top Wesselton diamonds. Rado only buys diamonds that meet the requirements of the Kimberley Process, which prevents the use of blood diamonds.