Zenith watches has just announced the brand’s one and only boutique in its home country of Switzerland, nestled away within the premises of its own hallowed Manufacture. The boutique, therefore, is aptly named the Zenith Manufacture Boutique.

The Zenith Chronomaster Original Boutique Edition will offer those visiting the Manufacture, or simply pilgrims who are there to buy a special watch for a special occasion, the opportunity to choose from the brand’s complete current collection. Best of all, the watches here will have been quite literally delivered fresh from the oven along with the bragging right of being able to say that you bought the watch on the same grounds it was assembled.
To mark the occasion, Zenith has launched the Zenith Chronomaster Original Boutique Edition, a special execution of the El Primero steel chronograph with the brand’s brilliant blue applied to the dial and paired with silver chronograph subdials.

The movement within the watch is, of course, the 5Hz El Primero 3600 self-winding calibre, which enables the brand’s famed 1/10th of a second chronograph function. That means to say that, as opposed to traditional chronographs where the seconds hand goes once around the dial for every minute elapsed, the El Primero 3600’s chronograph seconds hand whizzes around the dial every 10 seconds.
At the same time, Zenith Chronomaster Original Boutique Edition is announcing the reopening of its manufacture doors to visitors for guided tours. These tours can be booked with the Neuchâtel Tourism Office and private group visits can be organised directly with the brand. And just so you’re not simply walking through the premises and taking your leave, Zenith will be conducting Watch Clinic workshops during these visits. Three distinct modules will be offered to cater to the visitors’ level of knowledge and interest. These will be three hours sessions and available in four languages. Modules include a basic course on the ins-and-outs of a mechanical watch and movement; a chronograph course that goes deep into the particularities of the El Primero 3600 1/10th of a second chronograph and lastly, for those with a particular inclination towards vintage Zenith, a course on restoration watchmaking and how Zenith preserves its historical works. Regardless of the module chosen, Zenith will do their best to ensure you walk away having a greater appreciation for the brand’s watchmaking.

Last thing worth mentioning is that the Manufacture will also being offering visits to their restoration atelier, on a by-request-only basis. With archives that go as far back as Zenith’s, you’re sure to witness some treasures being restored to their original glory.