Why wouldnt it be Omega Seamaster Master Co-Axial 39.5?

40MM is the undisputed champ of dive watch diameter sizes

14.2MM is chunky enough to give tool-watch wrist presence, but slim enough to fit under every cuff

Liquid metal and ceramic bezel and dial, cutting edge technology

8800 movement is Omega Master Chronometer rated, co-axial, and cutting edge technology. I can do without the time zone function and 5 hours of power reserve if it means slimming down 1.5mm in height.

Just some random thoughts as I work through my latest watch obsession. Some random internet pictures since no post is really complete without pictures. I’ll try to upload my own next time I try one on (again):
Not gonna lie, the thickness of the PO wasn’t as much a factor for fitting it under cuffs than the absurdly oversized helium escape valve. That crown caught on EVERY SHIRT without fail.

That being said the newer case design does fit a lot better on the wrist so hopefully Omega Boutique Edition will continue listening to their supporters and thin out the rest of their Coax range. The Speedy Racing 9300 took a little more than a millimeter off which helps as well